My Story

I am a single mom who works from home as a freelance writer and raising my boy as a first time mother, is a journey full of up and downs, discovery and hard lessons. It is not perfect but everyday, I try to perfect my parenting skills by getting advice from other mothers. My mother and grandmother have been my greatest inspiration. Working from home has brought my son and I close, and has taught me to be more on the look out of his needs.  All children have the same needs no matter their background. Hence, the inspiration behind this blog. If the society is to change for the better, mothers have to play their roles right.

Every time, I tell people that am a stay at home mom, they frown at the idea. This is because I live in a country where economic times are tough, one needs a real job to be comfortable. However, I believe motherhood is a real job. Starting this blog is my way of declaring that in spite of the hardships, I can do what I love most, raising my son well. Working as a freelance writer is not easy, does not pay much and it requires lots of patience. It is the same thing with motherhood. I love working on freelance basis because it has given me the perfect opportunity to be near my son at all times. I want to share my experiences with other mothers/parents, who have to be nurturers and providers at the same time.

My Profession

A Journalist, I hold a BA in Mass Communication.

My interests

I love reading, writing, swimming, watching movies, charity and of course scrubbing floors! I would love to do photography and so many other things...but only time and money will tell :)

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