Sunday, May 12, 2013

A New Dawn on Mothers Day 2013

Today being Mother's Day, am home alone :( Why? My son loves being outdoors.  It is okay though, because finally, I get to start working on my blog! As a six year old, my son has no clue about the fuss of this day. Earlier on our way from church, he asked me to buy him some ice cream but knowing it is a special day for mommy I told him he was supposed to buy me, and not the other way round. Of course, that did not go down well with him. 

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That was the second time we were disagreeing on Mother’s Day. The first time we disagreed was this morning when I woke him up at 8.30 am so we could get ready for the 10.15 am Mass. He said he did not want to go to Church. My answer was, okay, even though I did not mean it. How could I let him continue sleeping on a Sunday? Would I have remained a responsible mother if I let him not attend Sunday school today? 

Anyway, I had to be stern to get him out of bed. As parents, we are always at cross roads on the right way to bring up our children. However, it is easy. Teach them values they will never depart from when they grow up. Christianity is one of the greatest values in my perspective, some people would think otherwise, I don’t know for what reason, but people are just different. Christianity, gives you an inner peace, which cannot be found anywhere else. Tested and tried…trust me!

My mother always insisted that going to church was compulsory especially on Sundays. My brothers and I would get a thorough beating if we dared defy our mother’s orders. My mother is the reason I am a Christian today, and a Catholic Christian for that matter. She ensured that we went through catechism classes, even though we did not understand at the time. She taught us how to pray the rosary, and we could tell that she loved God because of her devotion in prayer. 

I can remember, whenever we were praying together as a family, we would always insist that we say the prayers ourselves, because hers were long and we would end up dozzing off! Through her, I learnt that there is a living God who listens and answers prayers. A forgiving father who loves all regardless of how many sins they have committed. That same God I came to know and love through my mother, is the same One I want my son to know and love. 

If I bring him up in the light of the living God, am sure he will never depart from it. Already, I can start to see a few changes in him. He has taken interest in praying the rosary. He can sing a few songs, and he always reminds me to go to my Small Christian Community prayer group (fellowship).
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As for me, I learnt from the best mother’s in the whole wide world, my mother. I will forever be grateful to her for leading me to the light, the whole of my family actually, including my dad. I love you mommy and I hope that my son will say the same thing about me someday. That I made him the devoted Christian he will be, some day.

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Happy Mothers Day to all you caring ones!