Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Keep Floors Warm for the Little Ones

                                                        My nephew Sean
You know its July,  one of the coldest months in Kenya, when children go to school wearing all manner of monkey hats, ‘boshoris’, gloves and scarves. Babies remain indoors overdressed and no baths are given, except for sponge baths, if necessary. You on the other hand sit in the office or at home with fingers and toes frozen. You can hardly move or work on your computer. If you work from home as I do, you keep fighting the temptation to get back into bed. However, the cost of time and opportunities wasted from doing this, which is huge, gives you the courage to embrace the cold, as there is still a long way to go since the month of August bears the same weather. 

God has a purpose in all His creations, a reason he put us in this part of Africa. As much as I love snow, I cannot imagine what would become of us if we experienced winter here. Most homes are not fitted with heating units and the portable kinds are luxuries for the common citizen. Having children makes the cold even more chilling as they like to run or crawl around the house barefoot and taking off their warm clothing any time you are not watching.

No matter how much you insist on warm jackets, I can assure you that some kids will not keep their socks on or wear the warm and fluffy flip-flops in the house. I know this for sure because my son doesn’t!  If you force him to wear, he will somehow get the socks wet or leave the flip-flops outside the house. The situation is worse for my nephews who are at the crawling stage. The floors are unbearably cold. Keeping them on the bed or seats all day is not achievable because they want to touch, walk or crawl to any item of interest.  Therefore, the floors have to be kept warm with carpets and mats so that they can be free.

My mother always insisted that cold floors could get us sick, but I always used to brush this idea as old school. However, when I got a son of my own, I adopted the same tale. Am I old school? I don’t think so. According to Chinese medicine, walking on cold floors decreases your positive energy, the Yang qi. This energy is responsible for what happens with your immune system. If the yang qi is weak, your body becomes susceptible to infections and pains. However, when it is strong, any pain in the body decreases and your body is full of energy. It is believed that cold enters the body through the feet to your waist. Therefore, from your waist downwards, you and the kids should be covered and kept warm throughout this cold season.

Since this is almost impossible for kids, I suggest having your floors carpeted or having the above rugs, mats if you prefer, on all their play areas. If you are in need of warm custom handmade mats  or carpets that suit your taste and preferences, which will enhance your overall interior decor call us on ( +254)0720 714 361 to place your order or email here.

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