Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mommy Making Extra Money on Squidoo

                     Think you can't write but you can market? Sign up here first.

Okay, okay, lets talk about money. Every now and then am always looking for a avenue to make that extra coin that will afford my son a good life. By a good life am talking about school fee is paid, his clothes are trendy- every mother wants that, right? I need to have some savings or medical insurance in case he falls ill,  money for new toys, books, outings, and not forgetting that I need also to replace all the items he has damaged in the house, the broken cups, plates, and flower vase, #sigh#, this boy is too much! The list is endless on what one can do with money when you have children.

Borrowing from friends is a good idea, but only if you want to have a tag on your back, the beggar! And this gets worse if you cannot pay back in good time. Now, all those I owe money please don't throw stones at me! Being a single parent who works on freelance has taught me to be open to any money making opportunities that come my way. Legal and moral of  course! 

When it comes to writing, I go for anything that pays and exposes me to other experienced writers. There is no better place to gain exposure to global writers than over the internet. While writing on Squidoo you can find all sorts of writers from  fiction, non-fiction, poets, and even academics. Writers who are published not only online but also have their books selling in major bookstores across the world.

While writing on Squidoo you are not limited on the kind of topics for your content but it has to be helpful in one way or the other to online readers. In fact, if you have products that you would like to advertise to a global audience, this is the perfect place for you. On this platform, you get to interact with thousands of international people.You can also expect to be awed by alien cultures as well, the Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Irish, and Africans too, they are all here.

                Image courtesy of Graur Razvan Ionut source

If you have artwork, say quality photographs of wildlife, paintings, graphic design skills, or just writing skills among others you can easily market them on this platform. The sign up process is easy and free of charge.The site is also user friendly and has interesting features to make your writing online come out as you want it. You can also advertise your blogs, websites as well as products from other stores such as Amazon. In order to sell products from Amazon.com, you need to be under their associates program, something impossible if you are in Africa. It is also possible to make sales on Ebay and Cafepress and get paid through PayPal. 

So, you think you have the time and passion to write? You can self publish your writing online and sell products with it. Payments are made every 15th of the month. The first payout for newcomers, however, is done after a month and a half, but it is worth the wait.
Join me and let's make money online, to give our children the best things in life, because they come with a price tag. Squidoo is the place!

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